Advisory Board to the St. George Observatory


  Charles M. Duke Jr.: Apollo 16, Astronaut

            Advisors on matters of space flight, and walking on the moon.

  Dr. Mike D. Reynolds

            Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences

            Florida State College at Jacksonville



  Dave Hostetter: Astronomer

            Currently curator of the Lafayette Planetarium

            Advisor on matters of meteor showers, comets and public astronomy


  Dexter Ledoux: Spectroscopy and Photometry

            Advisor on matters of chemical signature of stars.


  Cheryl A Nickerson: Ph.D. Microbiology and Immunology

            Associate Professor of Life Science

            School of Life Science

Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccinology

The Biodesign Institute

Arizona State University

Advisor on Space Biology


    Daniel Whitmire:  Ph.D. Physics

           Currently professor of physics at University of Louisiana at Lafayette

           Advisor on matters of Theoretical astrophysics and planetary science.



 These named individuals bring a wealth of knowledge to the observatory and its

 goals. We appreciate and thank them for their support and advice.