The following is a list of some of the equipment used by the observatory.


Dr. Cheryl A Nickerson Telescope: 406.4mm Schmidt Cassegrain-Deep Space F/10 FL 4064mm

Genesis 1:1 Telescope: 305mm Schmidt Cassegrain-Lunar, Planetary, Close Space F/10 FL 3048mm

Charles M. Duke Telescope: 178mm Apochromatic Refractor-Solar dedicated F/9 FL 1600mm

Hebrews 11:3 Telescope: 444.5mm Dobsonian-Deep Space F/5 FL 2222mm

Dr. Holly Gilbert Telescope: 254mm Refractor F/15 FL 3810 MM Solar Dedicated

Solar filters:

Ha .7 angstrom 656.3nm

Calcium k .9 angstrom 3934 nm

Sodium .8 angstrom 5890nm

Badder film: sunspot viewing

Daystar Hydrogen Alpha .373 Angstrom @ 6562.8 Energy Rejection Filter 203mm diameterX3mm for UV/IR protection

Observatory waiting on delivery of Helium D3 and Iron 14 Blocking Filters from Daystar. Delivery date estimated early 2008.


Camera and Other Equipment

S Big STV Autoguider

Collins Electro Optical night vision eyepiece 26mm with camera attachment

Astrovid Procolor C

Astrovid 2000 Monochromatic

ITE 500 Monochromatic

Meade Electronic Eyepiece

Canon D-60 SLR

Pentax 3-35mm SLR

2 fields derotators for 406.4mm and 305mm telescope

2 equatorial wedges for 406.4mm and 305mm telescope.

Coronado Solar Scope

Ha .7 angstrom 656.3mm

Binocular: 100mm X 650mm fl F6.5

Interchangeable eyepieces 26mm–9mm

152mm Mak: Cass F11.8 FL 1800mm

152mm refractor F/8 FL

Eyepiece 2”/1.25”: (Teleview, Pentax, Celestron, Orion) 50mm-3mm

Numerous Nebulae filers (Lumicon/ Orion brand)

Numerous lunar filters